Island Expeditions: Caving in Belize

Because of the porous limestone/karst geology and humidity of Belize, the land is riddled with literally thousands of caves

Through many of our Belize trips, we explore caves that were at one time Mayan ceremonial centers. Surrounding ourselves with fantastic flow-stone formations, delicate cave pearls, and translucent draperies of calcium carbonate, we begin to understand why these caves were held so sacred by the Maya. In each of the Belize caves we find centuries-old artifacts or learn of the rituals, symbols and mythology of the ancients from our local guides. Our Ultimate Adventure, Coral Islands & Mayan Caves and Glovers Reef & Mayan Caves trips take us into some of the most interesting cave systems in Belize.

Belize trips that include caving in Belize, are as follows: